Lesson Policies

Financial Policies for Adult Students


Lesson times are available on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and  Saturdays.  You may request a regular weekly or biweekly lesson time.  I ask that you cancel lesson times online by logging into your account here.  You can request new times or days by emailing me.

Missed Lessons:

You may cancel lessons without charge if I receive 48 hours notice.  If I must miss a lesson you will always receive a refund or credit.  Please do not come to your lesson if you are not feeling well.


All lessons are payable in advance.  You may pay online with Paypal, or at the lesson with check or cash.  A one hour lesson is $100 and a 45 minute lesson is $80.  Very occasionally I offer a student 30 minute lessons at the rate of $65.


I teach a monthly masterclass at the studio. We cover interpretation, performance anxiety, and technique issues.  There is no charge for the masterclasses.  Students are also eligible to participate in MTAC’s Adult Seminar or  the  National Music Certificate Program.


Financial Policies for Tuition Students: September to May

My studio is run on a semester plan with three semesters a year. The fall semester is September thru December and has 14 weeks of lessons. There is a one week break at Thanksgiving, and a  two week break at the end of December. The winter semester is January thru April and has 14 weeks of lessons.  There  are three weeks with no lessons:  Presidents Day Recess,  Spring Recess,  and one week that I announce at the beginning of the semester.  The spring and summer semester is May thru August and contains 12 weeks of lessons. Makeup lesson policies are more generous during the summer  – please see below.


At the beginning of each semester I will email bills for that semester. Payment may be made by semester or in monthly installments, with payment due the first lesson of either the semester or the month. Monthly Tuition is equal to the cost of 14 lessons divided by the number of months in the semester, usually four. Returned checks: $25 fee. Late fee: $25. Payment is late if I receive it after the 15th of the month.


Missed Lessons and Theory Classes:

I do not offer make up lessons for tuition students. Please consider your payment a means to hold your place in the studio. I treat your lessons very seriously and expect you to do the same. A tardy student has only the time remaining in the lesson period.

Trial Period:

Each new student will be on trial status for three months, after which I will decide whether or not the student will continue in my studio. This is not an audition process. It is an opportunity for parent(s) and teacher to decide what would be most beneficial for the student.

Parent Role:

Students under the age of 10 are expected to have a parent present at each lesson. The parent’s role in the development of the child’s musical education is critical. Practice and online music theory homework should be monitored and required as part of a daily routine.  Music takes discipline and motivation in order to succeed. It is not always fun or easy. Parents and teachers must work together to teach these skills to students.


Home Environment:

Please show your child how important his/her musical studies are to you and your family by surrounding your child with music, and by attending studio performance classes and recitals. I will notify you of concerts, events, and musical activities in the area that might interest your family. Periodically I may also recommend books, CDs, computer programs, etc. Let your child know how much you appreciate their work by encouraging them to perform for family and friends on a regular basis.

Ending Lessons:

If you find a problem developing that you feel might result in a  student’s wanting to stop lessons, I would like to help you exploring alternatives that might satisfy the student’s needs. One month’s tuition is required as a deposit upon acceptance into the studio. Your deposit will be returned in full if I receive 30 days notice of termination of lessons. You will also receive four lessons’ notice if I wish to terminate lessons. Reasons I might terminate the student’s lessons include  irregular attendance, repeated failure to prepare assignments, or lack of compliance with studio policies.  If the semester was pre-paid, a refund will be given for the remaining portion of the semester after the one month following notification.

Consultations outside lessons:

I am always available for individual consultation about a student’s progress and any other questions you may have. I prefer to have these conferences via telephone.


Financial Policies for Tuition Students: June, July and August



The Summer Semester is May through August and contains 12 weeks of lessons. During the summer if your vacation does not coincide with mine, we will double up on lessons when we are both available. Unused lessons cannot be carried over from the Summer Semester into the Fall Semester. You are welcome to take more than 12 lessons during the summer if our schedules permit it.  Additional lessons will be billed at current per lesson rates.



I will email bills for the summer semester the last week in April.  You can make one payment for the entire semester or make four monthly installment payments.  A late charge of $25 will apply if payment is received after the 10th of the month or if a check is returned.

Summer 2013 Fin. Pol


Lesson scheduling during the Summer Semester is flexible.  You may arrange lesson times to accommodate camp and family vacations.  Lessons may be at a different time than your regular time during the Fall and Winter semesters.


If I receive 48 hours notice,  I will reschedule a lesson during the summer semester.  If I do not receive 48 hours notice, you do not receive a makeup or a credit for the missed lesson.  Note that this policy applies ONLY during Summer Semester; there are no makeups during Fall & Winter Semesters.